2021 Volkswagen Tiguan for Sale in the St. Louis Area

New Volkswagen Tiguan Inventory in St Louis

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is an outstanding car because of its looks and what it is capable of doing. It has some remarkable features, and they give it excellent abilities, making it a suitable car to use in St Louis. Its exterior design is impressive because it symbolizes the potential that this car has. Its interior is outstanding, as it has been created using high-quality materials that make it a comfortable vehicle to drive. Moreover, the technology inside this car is phenomenal. In general, we are happy with this fantastic car, mostly because of the features listed in this piece.

Interior and Exterior Features

This car's interior is equipped with some high-end seats that are exceptionally comfortable, making this car suitable for long drives because people will not get exhausted. The seats of this car have a unique ability to hold their users tight, and their materials are also of exceptional quality, which enhances this car's comfort. Its seating capacity is also reasonable, and the spacing between the seats is outstanding because it ensures that the legs of the people using it have ample breathing space. It also has a storage area behind the seats at the back, and this space is large enough for carrying massive cargo.

The exterior of this car is exquisite. It has an exceptional taillight design, which looks unique and luxurious at the same time. The headlights have also been designed excellently, and they add unique touches to the exterior features of this car. Moreover, its overall design is incredible because of its sporty nature, and it symbolizes how capable it is in terms of speed.

Engine and Performance

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is powered by an engine that has an HP of 184, and it has four cylinders. Also, it is turbocharged, and it comes as a standard front-wheel drive. Nonetheless, it is possible to change this front-wheel-drive model to an all-wheel-drive model. The new Volkswagen Tiguan is one of the most prolific vehicles in performance in Ballwin. It is because of its speed capabilities, which comes from its superior engine and its smooth-shifting gearbox. Its steering wheel is also responsive, giving it excellent performance since it makes this car easy to handle. Generally, this is because it provides this car with smooth and precise turns, even when the corners are too sharp. Its braking system is also exceptional because of its unique ability to slow down the car when the driver is moving at high speed.


Technology is a vital element of cars in this modern era. The new Volkswagen Tiguan has some superior technology features that make it a unique vehicle to use around town. For instance, it has an electronic system that helps in controlling the temperature inside the car. It also has a system that helps in controlling the windscreen wipers when it is raining. Moreover, its door lock system is also an electronic one that is slightly advanced because it does not use the car keys. Instead, this system can detect your movement, and it locks and unlocks itself. This depends on whether you are moving towards it or away from it.

Safety Features

This vehicle has an excellent safety rating, as it has some fantastic safety features. The first safety feature this car has is a system that mitigates the risk of knocking down a pedestrian. When the system detects a pedestrian in front of the vehicle, it alerts the driver. But if the dangers of knocking down the pedestrian are exceptionally high, the system stops the car. It also has a lane assist system that helps the driver to maintain their lane. When they switch lanes, the system warns them not to cause accidents on the road.

Trim Highlights

  • Volkswagen Tiguan S
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SE
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SEL
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SE R-Line Black
  • Volkswagen Tiguan SEL Premium R-Line

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