Life's As Big As You Make It.

With the all-new 7-passenger Atlas, we thought bigger than we ever thought before. So feel free to load it up. It's already packed with some of our biggest ideas.
Now Seating Rows 1-3
Leave no man, woman, or child behind with seating for seven. The third row in the Atlas is roomy enough for family, friends, teammates, and friends.

Cargo Space
Families have things. Lots of things. The Atlas was designed to handle them with up to 96.8 cubic feet of cargo space with the second- and third-row seats folded down, which can be configured specifically to help haul your belongings.

Easy third-row access
The second row of the Atlas has a lever that folds and slides the seats forward for easy access to the third row. This allows you to leave an empty child safety seat in place while everyone else piles into the third row.
Volkswagen Digital Cockpit

This will go over big with everyone. The available 12.3" Active Information Display lets you see important information-your speed, estimated fuel consumption, Driver Assistance settings, and even a navigation display. Heads up, technology advancing.

 8" Touchscreen Display
Families are always on the move. An available 8-inch infotainment screen makes it even easier to see where you're going. And it provides easy answers for every kid who asks, "Are we there yet?" 

 Selectable Driving Modes
It's like getting four SUVs in one. With available Driving Mode Selection, you can choose from four different driving modes -  Eco, Normal, Sport, and Custom - that can change the way the Atlas drives. Happy trails, highways, and byways ahead.

  We've made peace of mind big,too.

Pedestrian Monitoring
This available feature can help prevent accidents involving pedestrians. A radar sensor works to help detect if a pedestrian is headed into your path, and if the driver doesn't respond to an audible warning, the car's brakes are automatically applied with full braking force.

Front Assist
This available feature has front sensors to help monitor traffic and can alert you to a possible collision with the vehicle ahead. If a collision is imminent, Autonomous Emergency Braking (included in Front Assist) can help brake the car.

Blind Spot Monitor
The sensors on the available Blind Spot Monitor feature are able to sense what you might miss. When driving, if you attempt to change lanes, the Blind Spot Monitor can help alert you to other cars that may be in your blind spot.


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